Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pilot program of the website

Finally and as the first effort, the Alfa version of planet agent is launched...

You can help to enrich it by uploading your precious photos and information...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Planet Agent. (planet scout) Introduction

It happens to many of us to pass by an unpleasant scene of destroying our planet, but not every one has the motivation, knowledge and resources to bring a civil action against this cases, but as a planet Agent we can report these kind of information by taking a photo or recording a video and uploading it to a website dedicated to environmental activists, to gather information from all over the world and process this information in relevant groups including environmental activists,scientists, lawyers and green politicians to investigate about the case, try to solve the problem by collaborating, and consequently if there is no other way rather than the court of law, to institute legal proceeding against the case as the final solution,

This participation in the first phase would be carried out by local contributers which are members of green Agent community. however this issues might escalate to a countrywide or worldwide concern as always there are local industries that resist against green laws & can't bear environmental activists.

After that pictures,videos and other information are uploaded to the website and located exactly on the map(By geotag technology or just manually as it is done in websites like panoramio.com,) person who has published the information, would add some initial suggestions that could be done about the case, other members of the community can propose other possible measure to be taken about the case or just confirm their availability for one of the choices which could be done to solve the problem. at the end, depending on the members availability, they would act in relative groups and it would be more efficient if the website be equipped with proper options for virtual gathering and video conference between them.

After the solving of problem, new pictures and videos would be added to case to show activities of green agents and to encourage other members and other people to be more actively involved in environmental issues.

Hopefully this can compensate insufficiency of governmental activities and investigation regarding environmental concerns and put more pressure on politicians of a region or country as large amounts of information(photos and videos of reporters) confirm a big environmental problem in their region.

you would be able to publish your pictures, videos and information on this network.